Full Web Browser in your .Net App
CefSharp is an easy way to embed a full-featured standards-compliant web browser into your C# or VB.NET app. CefSharp has browser controls for WinForms and WPF apps, and a headless (offscreen) version for automation projects too. CefSharp is based on Chromium Embedded Framework, the open source version of Google Chrome. We have a simple list of steps to get you started. See the Quick Start guide and the FAQ.
HTML5, JavaScript and PDF supported
CefSharp embraces modern web standards, and supports HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 audio/video elements. 3D content is supported via WebGL which uses OpenGL/DirectX for hardware accelerated rendering. CefSharp includes embedded modules for PDF, web page printing and the WebKit Inspector (developer tools). CefSharp has no external dependencies, and the full build of CefSharp only adds ~120 MB to your app. See the Output files description table (Redistribution) for details.
Deep Integration
  • You can programmatically execute Javascript, expose .Net classes to JavaScript, and receive callbacks when JavaScript events fire.
  • You can programmatically call DevTools methods
  • DOM access via CefSharp Puppeteer a port of Puppeteer Sharp specifically for use with CefSharp, direct communication with the browser (no remote debugging port).
  • You can use CefSharp to display embedded UI built with HTML5, or to display remote web content and web applications.
  • You can integrate ASP.Net Core directly via Chromium.AspNetCore.Bridge to embed your .Net Website directly into CefSharp (no network connection required).
See the CefSharp.MinimalExample project for ready-to-compile minimal example apps built with CefSharp. Within the projects source there are more complicated example projects.
Warp-drive Performance
Leverage the slick Chromium web browser for a buttery-smooth user experience. CefSharp outperforms every other C# web browser control, including GeckoFX, OpenWebkitSharp, WebKit.NET and Awesomium. CefSharp initializes in <10 ms, and web pages are displayed as they load (progressive rendering).
Free and Open Source
CefSharp is an open source .NET wrapper around the fantastic Chromium Embedded Framework. And we provide full source code in C# and C++/CLI. You can use the code to hack, improve, fork or simply debug your applications better. CefSharp is BSD licensed, which means that it can be used for proprietary and free/open source applications. If you are using CefSharp in a commercial application please consider sponsoring the maintainer via GitHub Sponsors.
Multiple Flavors
CefSharp is available in multiple flavors:
  • CefSharp.WinForms provides browser UI Control for Windows Forms applications
  • CefSharp.WPF provides browser UI Control for WPF applications
  • CefSharp.Wpf.HwndHost provides browser UI Control for WPF applications that is the equivilent of hosting the WinForms version in WPF.
  • CefSharp.OffScreen provides a "headless" browser control for automation projects
  • CefSharp supports rendering of embedded HTML content for HTML-based UI
  • CefSharp supports x86, x64 and ARM64 platforms (Windows Only)
CefSharp has a few dependencies:
Documented and Supported
Start with these online resources:
  • Quick Start which helps you integrate CefSharp into your WinForms/WPF project
  • FAQ / Troubleshooting for common how-to's and help with common issues
  • Wiki with a collection of help files for new users, existing users and contributors
Access these forums if you need help :