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ChromiumWebBrowserPaint Event

Version 75.1.140
Raised every time OnPaint(PaintElementType, Rect, IntPtr, Int32, Int32) is called. You can access the underlying buffer, though it's preferable to either override OnPaint(Boolean, Rect, IntPtr, Int32, Int32) or implement your own IRenderHandler as there is no outwardly accessible locking (locking is done within the default IRenderHandler implementations). It's important to note this event is fired on a CEF UI thread, which by default is not the same as your application UI thread

Namespace:  CefSharp.Wpf
Assembly:  CefSharp.Wpf (in CefSharp.Wpf.dll) Version: (
public event EventHandler<PaintEventArgs> Paint


Type: SystemEventHandlerPaintEventArgs
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