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IFrameHandlerOnMainFrameChanged Method

Version 102.0.100
Called when the main frame changes due to one of the following: - (a) initial browser creation - (b) final browser destruction - (c) cross-origin navigation - (d) re-navigation after renderer process termination (due to crashes, etc). oldFrame will be null and newFrame will be non-null when a main frame is assigned to browser for the first time. oldFrame will be non-null and newFrame will be null when a main frame is removed from browser for the last time. Both oldFrame and newFrame will be non-nullfor cross-origin navigations or re-navigation after renderer process termination. This method will be called after OnFrameCreated(IWebBrowser, IBrowser, IFrame) for newFrame and/or after OnFrameDetached(IWebBrowser, IBrowser, IFrame) for oldFrame. If called after OnBeforeClose(IWebBrowser, IBrowser) during browser destruction then IsValid will return false for browser.

Namespace:  CefSharp
Assembly:  CefSharp (in CefSharp.dll) Version: (
void OnMainFrameChanged(
	IWebBrowser chromiumWebBrowser,
	IBrowser browser,
	IFrame oldFrame,
	IFrame newFrame


Type: CefSharpIWebBrowser
the ChromiumWebBrowser control
Type: CefSharpIBrowser
the browser object
Type: CefSharpIFrame
the old frame object
Type: CefSharpIFrame
the new frame object
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