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CefSharp.OffScreen Namespace

Version 102.0.100
Browser that renders each bitmap to a buffer, no GUI is displayed
Public classBitmapBuffer
BitmapBuffer contains a byte[] used to store the Bitmap generated from OnPaint(PaintElementType, Rect, IntPtr, Int32, Int32) and associated methods for updating that buffer and creating a Bitmap from the actaual Buffer
Public classCefSettings
Initialization settings. Many of these and other settings can also configured using command-line switches.
Public classChromiumWebBrowser
An offscreen instance of Chromium that you can use to take snapshots or evaluate JavaScript.
Public classDefaultRenderHandler
Default implementation of IRenderHandler, this class handles Offscreen Rendering (OSR). Upstream documentation at
Public classOnPaintEventArgs
Event arguments to the OnPaint event handler. Pixel values are scaled relative to view coordinates based on the value of ScreenInfo.DeviceScaleFactor returned from GetScreenInfo.
Public interfaceIRenderHandler
Implement this interface to handle Offscreen Rendering (OSR). Upstream documentation at
Public enumerationPopupBlending
Represents the popup blending in the main bitmap.