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CefSharp.WinForms Namespace

Version 102.0.100
Integration with WinForms.
Public classCefSettings
Initialization settings. Many of these and other settings can also configured using command-line switches.
Public classChromiumWebBrowser
ChromiumWebBrowser is the WinForms web browser control
Public classChromiumWebBrowserDesigner
ChromiumWebBrowser Control Designer
Public classWebBrowserExtensions
Helper extensions for performing common CefSharp related WinForms tasks
Public interfaceIWinFormsChromiumWebBrowser
Winforms Specific Chromium browser implementation, differs from IWinFormsWebBrowser in that this interface is implemented by both ChromiumWebBrowser and ChromiumHostControl where IWinFormsWebBrowser is only implemented by ChromiumWebBrowser
Public interfaceIWinFormsWebBrowser
WinForms specific implementation, has events the ChromiumWebBrowser implementation exposes.