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CefSharp.Wpf Namespace

Version 102.0.100
Integration with Wpf.
Public classCefSettings
Initialization settings. Many of these and other settings can also configured using command-line switches.
Public classChromiumWebBrowser
ChromiumWebBrowser is the WPF web browser control
Public classPaintEventArgs
Event arguments for the Paint event handler.
Public classVirtualKeyboardRequestedEventArgs
Event arguments for the VirtualKeyboardRequested Event.
Public interfaceIRenderHandler
Implement this interface to handle Offscreen Rendering (OSR). NOTE: Currently only OnPaint is implemented, at some point expand the API to include all of CefRenderHandler methods
Public interfaceIWpfKeyboardHandler
Implement this interface to control how keys are forwarded to the browser
Public interfaceIWpfWebBrowser
WPF specific implementation, has reference to some of the commands and properties the ChromiumWebBrowser exposes.
Public enumerationWM
Windows Message Enums Gratiosly based on