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LayoutTreeNode Properties

Version 102.0.100

The LayoutTreeNode type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBoundingBox
The bounding box in document coordinates. Note that scroll offset of the document is ignored.
Public propertyDomNodeIndex
The index of the related DOM node in the `domNodes` array returned by `getSnapshot`.
Public propertyInlineTextNodes
The post-layout inline text nodes, if any.
Public propertyIsStackingContext
Set to true to indicate the element begins a new stacking context.
Public propertyLayoutText
Contents of the LayoutText, if any.
Public propertyPaintOrder
Global paint order index, which is determined by the stacking order of the nodes. Nodes that are painted together will have the same index. Only provided if includePaintOrder in getSnapshot was true.
Public propertyStyleIndex
Index into the `computedStyles` array returned by `getSnapshot`.
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