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NavigationEntry Properties

Version 102.0.100

The NavigationEntry type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCompletionTime
Returns the time for the last known successful navigation completion.
Public propertyDisplayUrl
Returns a display-friendly version of the URL.
Public propertyHasPostData
Returns true if this navigation includes post data.
Public propertyHttpStatusCode
Returns the HTTP status code for the last known successful navigation response.
Public propertyIsCurrent
If true if this entry is the currently loaded navigation entry
Public propertyIsValid
Returns true if this object is valid.
Public propertyOriginalUrl
Returns the original URL that was entered by the user before any redirects.
Public propertySslStatus
Returns the SSL information for this navigation entry.
Public propertyTitle
Returns the title set by the page.
Public propertyTransitionType
Returns the transition type which indicates what the user did to move to this page from the previous page.
Public propertyUrl
Returns the actual URL of the page.
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