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UrlParts Properties

Version 102.0.100

The UrlParts type exposes the following members.

Public propertyFragment
Fragment (hash) identifier component (i.e., the string following the '#').
Public propertyHost
Host component. This may be a hostname, an IPv4 address or an IPv6 literal surrounded by square brackets (e.g., "[2001:db8::1]").
Public propertyOrigin
Origin contains just the scheme, host, and port from a URL. Equivalent to clearing any username and password, replacing the path with a slash, and clearing everything after that. This value will be empty for non-standard URLs.
Public propertyPassword
Password component.
Public propertyPath
Path component including the first slash following the host.
Public propertyPort
Port number component.
Public propertyQuery
Query string component (i.e., everything following the '?').
Public propertyScheme
Scheme component not including the colon (e.g., "http").
Public propertySpec
The complete URL specification.
Public propertyUsername
User name component.
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