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NodeTreeSnapshot Class

Version 102.0.100
Table containing nodes.
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Namespace:  CefSharp.DevTools.DOMSnapshot
Assembly:  CefSharp (in CefSharp.dll) Version: (
public class NodeTreeSnapshot : DevToolsDomainEntityBase

The NodeTreeSnapshot type exposes the following members.

Public methodNodeTreeSnapshot
Initializes a new instance of the NodeTreeSnapshot class
Public propertyAttributes
Attributes of an `Element` node. Flatten name, value pairs.
Public propertyBackendNodeId
`Node`'s id, corresponds to DOM.Node.backendNodeId.
Public propertyContentDocumentIndex
The index of the document in the list of the snapshot documents.
Public propertyCurrentSourceURL
The selected url for nodes with a srcset attribute.
Public propertyInputChecked
Only set for radio and checkbox input elements, indicates if the element has been checked
Public propertyInputValue
Only set for input elements, contains the input's associated text value.
Public propertyIsClickable
Whether this DOM node responds to mouse clicks. This includes nodes that have had click event listeners attached via JavaScript as well as anchor tags that naturally navigate when clicked.
Public propertyNodeName
`Node`'s nodeName.
Public propertyNodeType
`Node`'s nodeType.
Public propertyNodeValue
`Node`'s nodeValue.
Public propertyOptionSelected
Only set for option elements, indicates if the element has been selected
Public propertyOriginURL
The url of the script (if any) that generates this node.
Public propertyParentIndex
Parent node index.
Public propertyPseudoType
Type of a pseudo element node.
Public propertyShadowRootType
Type of the shadow root the `Node` is in. String values are equal to the `ShadowRootType` enum.
Public propertyTextValue
Only set for textarea elements, contains the text value.
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