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IRequestHandlerOnOpenUrlFromTab Method
Version 51.0.0
Called on the UI thread before OnBeforeBrowse in certain limited cases where navigating a new or different browser might be desirable. This includes user-initiated navigation that might open in a special way (e.g. links clicked via middle-click or ctrl + left-click) and certain types of cross-origin navigation initiated from the renderer process (e.g. navigating the top-level frame to/from a file URL).

Namespace: CefSharp
Assembly: CefSharp (in CefSharp.dll) Version: (
bool OnOpenUrlFromTab(
	IWebBrowser browserControl,
	IBrowser browser,
	IFrame frame,
	string targetUrl,
	WindowOpenDisposition targetDisposition,
	bool userGesture


Type: CefSharpIWebBrowser
the ChromiumWebBrowser control
Type: CefSharpIBrowser
the browser object
Type: CefSharpIFrame
The frame object
Type: SystemString
target url
Type: CefSharpWindowOpenDisposition
The value indicates where the user intended to navigate the browser based on standard Chromium behaviors (e.g. current tab, new tab, etc).
Type: SystemBoolean
The value will be true if the browser navigated via explicit user gesture (e.g. clicking a link) or false if it navigated automatically (e.g. via the DomContentLoaded event).

Return Value

Type: Boolean
Return true to cancel the navigation or false to allow the navigation to proceed in the source browser's top-level frame.
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