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ResourceHandlerProcessRequestAsync Method
Version 51.0.0
Begin processing the request. If you have the data in memory you can execute the callback immediately and return true. For Async processing you would typically spawn a Task to perform processing, then return true. When the processing is complete execute callback.Continue(); In your processing Task, simply set the StatusCode, StatusText, MimeType, ResponseLength and Stream

Namespace: CefSharp
Assembly: CefSharp (in CefSharp.dll) Version: (
public virtual bool ProcessRequestAsync(
	IRequest request,
	ICallback callback


Type: CefSharpIRequest
The request object.
Type: CefSharpICallback
The callback used to Continue or Cancel the request (async).

Return Value

Type: Boolean
To handle the request return true and call Continue once the response header information is available Continue can also be called from inside this method if header information is available immediately). To cancel the request return false.
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