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IContextMenuHandler Methods
Version 51.0.0

The IContextMenuHandler type exposes the following members.

Public methodOnBeforeContextMenu
Called before a context menu is displayed. The model can be cleared to show no context menu or modified to show a custom menu.
Public methodOnContextMenuCommand
Called to execute a command selected from the context menu. See cef_menu_id_t for the command ids that have default implementations. All user-defined command ids should be between MENU_ID_USER_FIRST and MENU_ID_USER_LAST.
Public methodOnContextMenuDismissed
Called when the context menu is dismissed irregardless of whether the menu was empty or a command was selected.
Public methodRunContextMenu
Called to allow custom display of the context menu. For custom display return true and execute callback either synchronously or asynchronously with the selected command Id. For default display return false. Do not keep references to parameters or model outside of this callback.
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