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IDisplayHandler Methods
Version 51.0.0

The IDisplayHandler type exposes the following members.

Public methodOnAddressChanged
Called when a frame's address has changed.
Public methodOnConsoleMessage
Called to display a console message.
Public methodOnFaviconUrlChange
Called when the page icon changes.
Public methodOnFullscreenModeChange
Called when web content in the page has toggled fullscreen mode. The client is responsible for resizing the browser if desired.
Public methodOnStatusMessage
Called when the browser receives a status message.
Public methodOnTitleChanged
Called when the page title changes.
Public methodOnTooltipChanged
Called when the browser is about to display a tooltip. text contains the text that will be displayed in the tooltip. You can optionally modify text and then return false to allow the browser to display the tooltip. When window rendering is disabled the application is responsible for drawing tooltips and the return value is ignored.
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