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CefSharpSettings Properties
Version 51.0.0

The CefSharpSettings type exposes the following members.

Public propertyStatic memberShutdownOnExit
For the WinForms and WPF instances of ChromiumWebBrowser the relevant Application Exit event is hooked and Cef.Shutdown() called by default. Set this to false to disable this behaviour. This value needs to be set before the first instance of ChromiumWebBrowser is created as the event handlers are hooked in the static constructor for the ChromiumWebBrowser class
Public propertyStatic memberWcfEnabled
WCF is used by JavascriptBinding Disabling effectively disables both of these features. Defaults to true
Public propertyStatic memberWcfTimeout
Change the Close timeout for the WCF channel used by the sync JSB binding. The default value is currently 10 seconds. Chaning this to Zero will result on Abort() being called on the WCF Channel Host
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