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DependencyChecker Fields

Version 94.4.20

The DependencyChecker type exposes the following members.

Public fieldStatic memberBrowserSubprocessDependencies
List of CefSharp.BrowserSubprocess.exe dependencies.
Public fieldStatic memberCefDependencies
List of Cef Dependencies
Public fieldStatic memberCefOptionalDependencies
List of Optional CEF Dependencies
Public fieldStatic memberCefResources
List of Cef Resources (pack files)
Public fieldStatic memberCefSharpArchSpecificDependencies
List of CefSharp Arch Specific Dependencies Those that are arch specific, distributed as x86, x64 and ARM64 (coming soon for .Net 5.0 only)
Public fieldStatic memberCefSharpManagedDependencies
List of CefSharp Managed Dependencies (Those that are AnyCPU written in c#)
Public fieldStatic memberLocalesPackFile
en-US Locales pak file location
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