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IFrameEvaluateScriptAsync Method

Version 94.4.20
Execute some Javascript code in the context of this WebBrowser, and return the result of the evaluation in an Async fashion

Namespace:  CefSharp
Assembly:  CefSharp (in CefSharp.dll) Version: (
Task<JavascriptResponse> EvaluateScriptAsync(
	string script,
	string scriptUrl = "about:blank",
	int startLine = 1,
	TimeSpan? timeout = null,
	bool useImmediatelyInvokedFuncExpression = false


Type: SystemString
The Javascript code that should be executed.
scriptUrl (Optional)
Type: SystemString
is the URL where the script in question can be found, if any.
startLine (Optional)
Type: SystemInt32
is the base line number to use for error reporting.
timeout (Optional)
Type: SystemNullableTimeSpan
The timeout after which the Javascript code execution should be aborted.
useImmediatelyInvokedFuncExpression (Optional)
Type: SystemBoolean
When true the script is wrapped in a self executing function. Make sure to use a return statement in your javascript. e.g. (function () { return 42; })(); When false don't include a return statement e.g. 42;

Return Value

Type: TaskJavascriptResponse
A Task that can be awaited to perform the script execution
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