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CefSharp.DevTools.Fetch Namespace

Version 94.4.20

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Public classAuthChallenge
Authorization challenge for HTTP status code 401 or 407.
Public classAuthChallengeResponse
Response to an AuthChallenge.
Public classAuthRequiredEventArgs
Issued when the domain is enabled with handleAuthRequests set to true. The request is paused until client responds with continueWithAuth.
Public classFetchClient
A domain for letting clients substitute browser's network layer with client code.
Public classGetResponseBodyResponse
Public classHeaderEntry
Response HTTP header entry
Public classRequestPattern
Public classRequestPausedEventArgs
Issued when the domain is enabled and the request URL matches the specified filter. The request is paused until the client responds with one of continueRequest, failRequest or fulfillRequest. The stage of the request can be determined by presence of responseErrorReason and responseStatusCode -- the request is at the response stage if either of these fields is present and in the request stage otherwise.
Public classTakeResponseBodyAsStreamResponse
Public enumerationAuthChallengeResponseResponse
The decision on what to do in response to the authorization challenge. Default means deferring to the default behavior of the net stack, which will likely either the Cancel authentication or display a popup dialog box.
Public enumerationAuthChallengeSource
Source of the authentication challenge.
Public enumerationRequestStage
Stages of the request to handle. Request will intercept before the request is sent. Response will intercept after the response is received (but before response body is received).