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CefSharp.DevTools.Media Namespace

Version 94.4.20

[Missing <summary> documentation for "N:CefSharp.DevTools.Media"]

Public classMediaClient
This domain allows detailed inspection of media elements
Public classPlayerError
Corresponds to kMediaError
Public classPlayerErrorsRaisedEventArgs
Send a list of any errors that need to be delivered.
Public classPlayerEvent
Corresponds to kMediaEventTriggered
Public classPlayerEventsAddedEventArgs
Send events as a list, allowing them to be batched on the browser for less congestion. If batched, events must ALWAYS be in chronological order.
Public classPlayerMessage
Have one type per entry in MediaLogRecord::Type Corresponds to kMessage
Public classPlayerMessagesLoggedEventArgs
Send a list of any messages that need to be delivered.
Public classPlayerPropertiesChangedEventArgs
This can be called multiple times, and can be used to set / override / remove player properties. A null propValue indicates removal.
Public classPlayerProperty
Corresponds to kMediaPropertyChange
Public classPlayersCreatedEventArgs
Called whenever a player is created, or when a new agent joins and receives a list of active players. If an agent is restored, it will receive the full list of player ids and all events again.
Public enumerationPlayerErrorType
Public enumerationPlayerMessageLevel
Keep in sync with MediaLogMessageLevel We are currently keeping the message level 'error' separate from the PlayerError type because right now they represent different things, this one being a DVLOG(ERROR) style log message that gets printed based on what log level is selected in the UI, and the other is a representation of a media::PipelineStatus object. Soon however we're going to be moving away from using PipelineStatus for errors and introducing a new error type which should hopefully let us integrate the error log level into the PlayerError type.