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CefSharp.DevTools.Network Namespace

Version 94.4.20

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Public classAuthChallenge
Authorization challenge for HTTP status code 401 or 407.
Public classAuthChallengeResponse
Response to an AuthChallenge.
Public classBlockedCookieWithReason
A cookie with was not sent with a request with the corresponding reason.
Public classBlockedSetCookieWithReason
A cookie which was not stored from a response with the corresponding reason.
Public classCachedResource
Information about the cached resource.
Public classClientSecurityState
Public classCookie
Cookie object
Public classCookieParam
Cookie parameter object
Public classCorsErrorStatus
Public classCrossOriginEmbedderPolicyStatus
Public classCrossOriginOpenerPolicyStatus
Public classDataReceivedEventArgs
Fired when data chunk was received over the network.
Public classEventSourceMessageReceivedEventArgs
Fired when EventSource message is received.
Public classGetAllCookiesResponse
Public classGetCertificateResponse
Public classGetCookiesResponse
Public classGetRequestPostDataResponse
Public classGetResponseBodyForInterceptionResponse
Public classGetResponseBodyResponse
Public classGetSecurityIsolationStatusResponse
Public classHeaders
Request / response headers as keys / values of JSON object.
Public classInitiator
Information about the request initiator.
Public classLoadingFailedEventArgs
Fired when HTTP request has failed to load.
Public classLoadingFinishedEventArgs
Fired when HTTP request has finished loading.
Public classLoadNetworkResourceOptions
An options object that may be extended later to better support CORS, CORB and streaming.
Public classLoadNetworkResourcePageResult
An object providing the result of a network resource load.
Public classLoadNetworkResourceResponse
Public classNetworkClient
Network domain allows tracking network activities of the page. It exposes information about http, file, data and other requests and responses, their headers, bodies, timing, etc.
Public classPostDataEntry
Post data entry for HTTP request
Public classRequest
HTTP request data.
Public classRequestInterceptedEventArgs
Details of an intercepted HTTP request, which must be either allowed, blocked, modified or mocked. Deprecated, use Fetch.requestPaused instead.
Public classRequestPattern
Request pattern for interception.
Public classRequestServedFromCacheEventArgs
Fired if request ended up loading from cache.
Public classRequestWillBeSentEventArgs
Fired when page is about to send HTTP request.
Public classRequestWillBeSentExtraInfoEventArgs
Fired when additional information about a requestWillBeSent event is available from the network stack. Not every requestWillBeSent event will have an additional requestWillBeSentExtraInfo fired for it, and there is no guarantee whether requestWillBeSent or requestWillBeSentExtraInfo will be fired first for the same request.
Public classResourceChangedPriorityEventArgs
Fired when resource loading priority is changed
Public classResourceTiming
Timing information for the request.
Public classResponse
HTTP response data.
Public classResponseReceivedEventArgs
Fired when HTTP response is available.
Public classResponseReceivedExtraInfoEventArgs
Fired when additional information about a responseReceived event is available from the network stack. Not every responseReceived event will have an additional responseReceivedExtraInfo for it, and responseReceivedExtraInfo may be fired before or after responseReceived.
Public classSearchInResponseBodyResponse
Public classSecurityDetails
Security details about a request.
Public classSecurityIsolationStatus
Public classSetCookieResponse
Public classSignedCertificateTimestamp
Details of a signed certificate timestamp (SCT).
Public classSignedExchangeError
Information about a signed exchange response.
Public classSignedExchangeHeader
Information about a signed exchange header.
Public classSignedExchangeInfo
Information about a signed exchange response.
Public classSignedExchangeReceivedEventArgs
Fired when a signed exchange was received over the network
Public classSignedExchangeSignature
Information about a signed exchange signature.
Public classSubresourceWebBundleInnerResponseErrorEventArgs
Fired when request for resources within a .wbn file failed.
Public classSubresourceWebBundleInnerResponseParsedEventArgs
Fired when handling requests for resources within a .wbn file. Note: this will only be fired for resources that are requested by the webpage.
Public classSubresourceWebBundleMetadataErrorEventArgs
Fired once when parsing the .wbn file has failed.
Public classSubresourceWebBundleMetadataReceivedEventArgs
Fired once when parsing the .wbn file has succeeded. The event contains the information about the web bundle contents.
Public classTakeResponseBodyForInterceptionAsStreamResponse
Public classTrustTokenOperationDoneEventArgs
Fired exactly once for each Trust Token operation. Depending on the type of the operation and whether the operation succeeded or failed, the event is fired before the corresponding request was sent or after the response was received.
Public classTrustTokenParams
Determines what type of Trust Token operation is executed and depending on the type, some additional parameters. The values are specified in third_party/blink/renderer/core/fetch/trust_token.idl.
Public classWebSocketClosedEventArgs
Fired when WebSocket is closed.
Public classWebSocketCreatedEventArgs
Fired upon WebSocket creation.
Public classWebSocketFrame
WebSocket message data. This represents an entire WebSocket message, not just a fragmented frame as the name suggests.
Public classWebSocketFrameErrorEventArgs
Fired when WebSocket message error occurs.
Public classWebSocketFrameReceivedEventArgs
Fired when WebSocket message is received.
Public classWebSocketFrameSentEventArgs
Fired when WebSocket message is sent.
Public classWebSocketHandshakeResponseReceivedEventArgs
Fired when WebSocket handshake response becomes available.
Public classWebSocketRequest
WebSocket request data.
Public classWebSocketResponse
WebSocket response data.
Public classWebSocketWillSendHandshakeRequestEventArgs
Fired when WebSocket is about to initiate handshake.
Public classWebTransportClosedEventArgs
Fired when WebTransport is disposed.
Public classWebTransportConnectionEstablishedEventArgs
Fired when WebTransport handshake is finished.
Public classWebTransportCreatedEventArgs
Fired upon WebTransport creation.
Public enumerationAuthChallengeResponseResponse
The decision on what to do in response to the authorization challenge. Default means deferring to the default behavior of the net stack, which will likely either the Cancel authentication or display a popup dialog box.
Public enumerationAuthChallengeSource
Source of the authentication challenge.
Public enumerationBlockedReason
The reason why request was blocked.
Public enumerationCertificateTransparencyCompliance
Whether the request complied with Certificate Transparency policy.
Public enumerationConnectionType
The underlying connection technology that the browser is supposedly using.
Public enumerationContentEncoding
List of content encodings supported by the backend.
Public enumerationCookieBlockedReason
Types of reasons why a cookie may not be sent with a request.
Public enumerationCookiePriority
Represents the cookie's 'Priority' status:
Public enumerationCookieSameSite
Represents the cookie's 'SameSite' status:
Public enumerationCookieSourceScheme
Represents the source scheme of the origin that originally set the cookie. A value of "Unset" allows protocol clients to emulate legacy cookie scope for the scheme. This is a temporary ability and it will be removed in the future.
Public enumerationCorsError
The reason why request was blocked.
Public enumerationCrossOriginEmbedderPolicyValue
Public enumerationCrossOriginOpenerPolicyValue
Public enumerationErrorReason
Network level fetch failure reason.
Public enumerationInitiatorType
Type of this initiator.
Public enumerationInterceptionStage
Stages of the interception to begin intercepting. Request will intercept before the request is sent. Response will intercept after the response is received.
Public enumerationIPAddressSpace
Public enumerationPrivateNetworkRequestPolicy
Public enumerationRequestReferrerPolicy
The referrer policy of the request, as defined in
Public enumerationResourcePriority
Loading priority of a resource request.
Public enumerationResourceType
Resource type as it was perceived by the rendering engine.
Public enumerationServiceWorkerResponseSource
Source of serviceworker response.
Public enumerationSetCookieBlockedReason
Types of reasons why a cookie may not be stored from a response.
Public enumerationSignedExchangeErrorField
Field type for a signed exchange related error.
Public enumerationTrustTokenOperationDoneStatus
Detailed success or error status of the operation. 'AlreadyExists' also signifies a successful operation, as the result of the operation already exists und thus, the operation was abort preemptively (e.g. a cache hit).
Public enumerationTrustTokenOperationType
Public enumerationTrustTokenParamsRefreshPolicy
Only set for "token-redemption" type and determine whether to request a fresh SRR or use a still valid cached SRR.