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CefSharp.DevTools.Runtime Namespace

Version 94.4.20

[Missing <summary> documentation for "N:CefSharp.DevTools.Runtime"]

Public classAwaitPromiseResponse
Public classBindingCalledEventArgs
Notification is issued every time when binding is called.
Public classCallArgument
Represents function call argument. Either remote object id `objectId`, primitive `value`, unserializable primitive value or neither of (for undefined) them should be specified.
Public classCallFrame
Stack entry for runtime errors and assertions.
Public classCallFunctionOnResponse
Public classCompileScriptResponse
Public classConsoleAPICalledEventArgs
Issued when console API was called.
Public classCustomPreview
Public classEntryPreview
Public classEvaluateResponse
Public classExceptionDetails
Detailed information about exception (or error) that was thrown during script compilation or execution.
Public classExceptionRevokedEventArgs
Issued when unhandled exception was revoked.
Public classExceptionThrownEventArgs
Issued when exception was thrown and unhandled.
Public classExecutionContextCreatedEventArgs
Issued when new execution context is created.
Public classExecutionContextDescription
Description of an isolated world.
Public classExecutionContextDestroyedEventArgs
Issued when execution context is destroyed.
Public classGetHeapUsageResponse
Public classGetIsolateIdResponse
Public classGetPropertiesResponse
Public classGlobalLexicalScopeNamesResponse
Public classInspectRequestedEventArgs
Issued when object should be inspected (for example, as a result of inspect() command line API call).
Public classInternalPropertyDescriptor
Object internal property descriptor. This property isn't normally visible in JavaScript code.
Public classObjectPreview
Object containing abbreviated remote object value.
Public classPrivatePropertyDescriptor
Object private field descriptor.
Public classPropertyDescriptor
Object property descriptor.
Public classPropertyPreview
Public classQueryObjectsResponse
Public classRemoteObject
Mirror object referencing original JavaScript object.
Public classRunScriptResponse
Public classRuntimeClient
Runtime domain exposes JavaScript runtime by means of remote evaluation and mirror objects. Evaluation results are returned as mirror object that expose object type, string representation and unique identifier that can be used for further object reference. Original objects are maintained in memory unless they are either explicitly released or are released along with the other objects in their object group.
Public classStackTrace
Call frames for assertions or error messages.
Public classStackTraceId
If `debuggerId` is set stack trace comes from another debugger and can be resolved there. This allows to track cross-debugger calls. See `Runtime.StackTrace` and `Debugger.paused` for usages.
Public enumerationConsoleAPICalledType
Type of the call.
Public enumerationObjectPreviewSubtype
Object subtype hint. Specified for `object` type values only.
Public enumerationObjectPreviewType
Object type.
Public enumerationPropertyPreviewSubtype
Object subtype hint. Specified for `object` type values only.
Public enumerationPropertyPreviewType
Object type. Accessor means that the property itself is an accessor property.
Public enumerationRemoteObjectSubtype
Object subtype hint. Specified for `object` type values only. NOTE: If you change anything here, make sure to also update `subtype` in `ObjectPreview` and `PropertyPreview` below.
Public enumerationRemoteObjectType
Object type.