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CefSharp.DevTools.SystemInfo Namespace

Version 94.4.20

[Missing <summary> documentation for "N:CefSharp.DevTools.SystemInfo"]

Public classGetInfoResponse
Public classGetProcessInfoResponse
Public classGPUDevice
Describes a single graphics processor (GPU).
Public classGPUInfo
Provides information about the GPU(s) on the system.
Public classImageDecodeAcceleratorCapability
Describes a supported image decoding profile with its associated minimum and maximum resolutions and subsampling.
Public classProcessInfo
Represents process info.
Public classSize
Describes the width and height dimensions of an entity.
Public classSystemInfoClient
The SystemInfo domain defines methods and events for querying low-level system information.
Public classVideoDecodeAcceleratorCapability
Describes a supported video decoding profile with its associated minimum and maximum resolutions.
Public classVideoEncodeAcceleratorCapability
Describes a supported video encoding profile with its associated maximum resolution and maximum framerate.
Public enumerationImageType
Image format of a given image.
Public enumerationSubsamplingFormat
YUV subsampling type of the pixels of a given image.