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CefSharp.DevTools.Tracing Namespace

Version 94.4.20

[Missing <summary> documentation for "N:CefSharp.DevTools.Tracing"]

Public classBufferUsageEventArgs
Public classDataCollectedEventArgs
Contains an bucket of collected trace events. When tracing is stopped collected events will be send as a sequence of dataCollected events followed by tracingComplete event.
Public classGetCategoriesResponse
Public classMemoryDumpConfig
Public classRequestMemoryDumpResponse
Public classTraceConfig
Public classTracingClient
Public classTracingCompleteEventArgs
Signals that tracing is stopped and there is no trace buffers pending flush, all data were delivered via dataCollected events.
Public enumerationMemoryDumpLevelOfDetail
Details exposed when memory request explicitly declared. Keep consistent with memory_dump_request_args.h and memory_instrumentation.mojom
Public enumerationStartTransferMode
Whether to report trace events as series of dataCollected events or to save trace to a stream (defaults to `ReportEvents`).
Public enumerationStreamCompression
Compression type to use for traces returned via streams.
Public enumerationStreamFormat
Data format of a trace. Can be either the legacy JSON format or the protocol buffer format. Note that the JSON format will be deprecated soon.
Public enumerationTraceConfigRecordMode
Controls how the trace buffer stores data.
Public enumerationTracingBackend
Backend type to use for tracing. `chrome` uses the Chrome-integrated tracing service and is supported on all platforms. `system` is only supported on Chrome OS and uses the Perfetto system tracing service. `auto` chooses `system` when the perfettoConfig provided to Tracing.start specifies at least one non-Chrome data source; otherwise uses `chrome`.