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CefSharp.DevTools.WebAudio Namespace

Version 94.4.20

[Missing <summary> documentation for "N:CefSharp.DevTools.WebAudio"]

Public classAudioListener
Protocol object for AudioListener
Public classAudioListenerCreatedEventArgs
Notifies that the construction of an AudioListener has finished.
Public classAudioListenerWillBeDestroyedEventArgs
Notifies that a new AudioListener has been created.
Public classAudioNode
Protocol object for AudioNode
Public classAudioNodeCreatedEventArgs
Notifies that a new AudioNode has been created.
Public classAudioNodeWillBeDestroyedEventArgs
Notifies that an existing AudioNode has been destroyed.
Public classAudioParam
Protocol object for AudioParam
Public classAudioParamCreatedEventArgs
Notifies that a new AudioParam has been created.
Public classAudioParamWillBeDestroyedEventArgs
Notifies that an existing AudioParam has been destroyed.
Public classBaseAudioContext
Protocol object for BaseAudioContext
Public classContextChangedEventArgs
Notifies that existing BaseAudioContext has changed some properties (id stays the same)..
Public classContextCreatedEventArgs
Notifies that a new BaseAudioContext has been created.
Public classContextRealtimeData
Fields in AudioContext that change in real-time.
Public classContextWillBeDestroyedEventArgs
Notifies that an existing BaseAudioContext will be destroyed.
Public classGetRealtimeDataResponse
Public classNodeParamConnectedEventArgs
Notifies that an AudioNode is connected to an AudioParam.
Public classNodeParamDisconnectedEventArgs
Notifies that an AudioNode is disconnected to an AudioParam.
Public classNodesConnectedEventArgs
Notifies that two AudioNodes are connected.
Public classNodesDisconnectedEventArgs
Notifies that AudioNodes are disconnected. The destination can be null, and it means all the outgoing connections from the source are disconnected.
Public classWebAudioClient
This domain allows inspection of Web Audio API.
Public enumerationAutomationRate
Enum of AudioParam::AutomationRate from the spec
Public enumerationChannelCountMode
Enum of AudioNode::ChannelCountMode from the spec
Public enumerationChannelInterpretation
Enum of AudioNode::ChannelInterpretation from the spec
Public enumerationContextState
Enum of AudioContextState from the spec
Public enumerationContextType
Enum of BaseAudioContext types