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CefSharp.Enums Namespace

Version 94.4.20
Enums (not all enums are in this namespace yet)
Public enumerationAlphaType
Describes how to interpret the alpha component of a pixel.
Public enumerationChannelLayout
Enumerates the various representations of the ordering of audio channels. Logged to UMA, so never reuse a value, always add new/greater ones! See media\base\channel_layout.h
Public enumerationColorType
Describes how to interpret the components of a pixel.
Public enumerationCompositionUnderlineStyle
Composition underline style.
Public enumerationCookiePriority
Cookie priority values.
Public enumerationCookieSameSite
Cookie same site values.
Public enumerationCursorType
Cursor type values.
Public enumerationDragOperationsMask
"Verb" of a drag-and-drop operation as negotiated between the source and destination.
Public enumerationPointerType
The device type that caused the event.
Public enumerationSchemeOptions
Configuration options for registering a custom scheme. These values are used when calling AddCustomScheme.
Public enumerationTextInputMode
Input mode of a virtual keyboard. These constants match their equivalents in Chromium's text_input_mode.h and should not be renumbered. See
Public enumerationTouchEventType
Touch Event Type
Public enumerationValueType
Value types supported by IValue