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CefSharp.Fluent Namespace

Version 94.4.20

[Missing <summary> documentation for "N:CefSharp.Fluent"]

Public classDownloadHandler
A IDownloadHandler implementation used by DownloadHandlerBuilder to provide a fluent means of creating a IDownloadHandler.
Public classDownloadHandlerBuilder
Fluent DownloadHandler Builder
Public classUrlRequestClient
Fluent UrlRequestClient
Public classUrlRequestClientBuilder
Fluent UrlRequestClient Builder
Public delegateGetAuthCredentialsDelegate
Called on the CEF IO thread when the browser needs credentials from the user. This method will only be called for requests initiated from the browser process.
Public delegateOnBeforeDownloadDelegate
Called before a download begins.
Public delegateOnDownloadDataDelegate
Called when some part of the response is read. This method will not be called if the NoDownloadData flag is set on the request.
Public delegateOnDownloadProgressDelegate
Notifies the client of download progress.
Public delegateOnDownloadUpdatedDelegate
Called when a download's status or progress information has been updated. This may be called multiple times before and after [!:OnBeforeDownload].
Public delegateOnRequestCompleteDelegate
Notifies the client that the request has completed. Use the RequestStatus property to determine if the request was successful or not.
Public delegateOnUploadProgressDelegate
Notifies the client of upload progress. This method will only be called if the UR_FLAG_REPORT_UPLOAD_PROGRESS flag is set on the request.