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TouchEvent Structure

Version 94.4.20
Touch Event

Namespace:  CefSharp.Structs
Assembly:  CefSharp (in CefSharp.dll) Version: (
public struct TouchEvent

The TouchEvent type exposes the following members.

Public propertyId
Id of a touch point. Must be unique per touch, can be any number except -1. Note that a maximum of 16 concurrent touches will be tracked; touches beyond that will be ignored.
Public propertyModifiers
Bit flags describing any pressed modifier keys.
Public propertyPointerType
The device type that caused the event.
Public propertyPressure
The normalized pressure of the pointer input in the range of [0,1]. Set to 0 if not applicable.
Public propertyRadiusX
X radius in pixels. Set to 0 if not applicable.
Public propertyRadiusY
Y radius in pixels. Set to 0 if not applicable.
Public propertyRotationAngle
Rotation angle in radians. Set to 0 if not applicable.
Public propertyType
The state of the touch point. Touches begin with one Pressed event followed by zero or more Moved events and finally one Released or Cancelled event. Events not respecting this order will be ignored.
Public propertyX
X coordinate relative to the left side of the view.
Public propertyY
Y coordinate relative to the top side of the view.
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