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ResourceType Enumeration

Version 94.4.20
Resource type for a request.

Namespace:  CefSharp
Assembly:  CefSharp (in CefSharp.dll) Version: (
public enum ResourceType
  Member nameValueDescription
MainFrame0 Top level page.
SubFrame1 Frame or iframe.
Stylesheet2 CSS stylesheet.
Script3 External script.
Image4 Image (jpg/gif/png/etc).
FontResource5 Font.
SubResource6 Some other subresource. This is the default type if the actual type is unknown.
Object7 Object (or embed) tag for a plugin, or a resource that a plugin requested.
Media8 Media resource.
Worker9 Main resource of a dedicated worker.
SharedWorker10 Main resource of a shared worker.
Prefetch11 Explicitly requested prefetch.
Favicon12 Favicon.
Xhr13 XMLHttpRequest.
Ping14 A request for a ping
ServiceWorker15 Main resource of a service worker.
CspReport16 A report of Content Security Policy violations.
PluginResource17 A resource that a plugin requested.
NavigationPreLoadMainFrame19 A main-frame service worker navigation preload request.
NavigationPreLoadSubFrame20 A sub-frame service worker navigation preload request.
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