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CefDoMessageLoopWork Method

Version 94.4.20
Perform a single iteration of CEF message loop processing.This function is provided for cases where the CEF message loop must be integrated into an existing application message loop. Use of this function is not recommended for most users; use CefSettings.MultiThreadedMessageLoop if possible (the default). When using this function care must be taken to balance performance against excessive CPU usage. It is recommended to enable the CefSettings.ExternalMessagePump option when using this function so that IBrowserProcessHandler.OnScheduleMessagePumpWork() callbacks can facilitate the scheduling process. This function should only be called on the main application thread and only if Cef.Initialize() is called with a CefSettings.MultiThreadedMessageLoop value of false. This function will not block.

Namespace:  CefSharp
Assembly:  CefSharp.Core (in CefSharp.Core.dll) Version:
public static void DoMessageLoopWork()
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