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CefExecuteProcess Method

Version 94.4.20
This function should be called from the application entry point function to execute a secondary process. It can be used to run secondary processes from the browser client executable (default behavior) or from a separate executable specified by the CefSettings.browser_subprocess_path value. If called for the browser process (identified by no "type" command-line value) it will return immediately with a value of -1. If called for a recognized secondary process it will block until the process should exit and then return the process exit code. The |application| parameter may be empty. The |windows_sandbox_info| parameter is only used on Windows and may be NULL (see cef_sandbox_win.h for details).

Namespace:  CefSharp
Assembly:  CefSharp.Core (in CefSharp.Core.dll) Version:
public static int ExecuteProcess()

Return Value

Type: Int32

[Missing <returns> documentation for "M:CefSharp.Cef.ExecuteProcess"]

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