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CefGetGlobalCookieManager Method

Version 94.4.20
Returns the global cookie manager. By default data will be stored at CefSettings.CachePath if specified or in memory otherwise. Using this method is equivalent to calling Cef.GetGlobalRequestContext().GetCookieManager() The cookie managers storage is created in an async fashion, whilst this method may return a cookie manager instance, there may be a short delay before you can Get/Write cookies. To be sure the cookie manager has been initialized use one of the following - Access the ICookieManager after ICompletionCallback.OnComplete has been called - Access the ICookieManager instance in IBrowserProcessHandler.OnContextInitialized. - Use the ChromiumWebBrowser BrowserInitialized (OffScreen) or IsBrowserInitializedChanged (WinForms/WPF) events.

Namespace:  CefSharp
Assembly:  CefSharp.Core (in CefSharp.Core.dll) Version:
public static ICookieManager GetGlobalCookieManager(
	ICompletionCallback callback = null


callback (Optional)
Type: CefSharpICompletionCallback
If non-NULL it will be executed asynchronously on the CEF UI thread after the manager's storage has been initialized.

Return Value

Type: ICookieManager
A the global cookie manager or null if the RequestContext has not yet been initialized.
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